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Loyalty Program

Welcome To Our Customer Loyalty Program 
We are so happy to have a way to reward our customers for making us their first choice in online fabric! Every dollar you spend with us gives you points to redeem at By logging into your account you can find several “Gift Cards” that can be redeemed. For every dollar spend you get 3 points. Points are only awarded on the final amount spent, excluding shipping. (Example: If you purchase a $10.00 charm pack that is onsale for $7.00, you will earn 21 points. $7 x 3 = 21 points.)
We currently have 5 gift cards available. 
$5.00 for 500 points
$10.00 for 950 points 
$15.00 for 1350 points
$20.00 for 1700 points 
$25.00 for 2000 points
To redeem your points login to your account and find the "redeem" link under rewards. Once you redeem your gift card you will receive an automated email with the gift certificate code to be used on your next purchase. Place this code in the "coupon field" on the check out screen and press apply. ENJOY. We appreciate your loyalty.