's Shipping Policies

All orders ship the next business day (M-F, excluding Federal Holidays) from Georgia.

Orders are shipped via United States Postal Service. Utilizing First Class (can take 6-15 days ship time) OR Priority Mail services ( can take 2-4 days ship time).

All orders with a domestic shipping address come with Delivery Confirmation. Regardless of the final shipping destination, all customers will receive an email after the order has shipped. Along with your order details, you will be able to see the tracking information for your order.

Please refer to our International Shipping section if you are an international customer.


All orders, under $150 worth of product, shipped to an address within the United States will have a flat rate shipping charge of $4.99. From a light-weight 1 ounce pattern to pounds of fabric, the shipping charge remains at the flat $4.99 rate. Orders that are over $150 (excluding tax and shipping costs), will ship for free to all domestic addresses.


Weight Shipping Cost
0 - 8 ounces $9.25
8.1 - 32 ounces $14.75
2.1 - 4 pounds $22.75
4.1 - 8 pounds $45.55
8.1 - 14 pounds $61.75
14+ pounds $98.95


Weight Shipping Cost
0 - 8 ounces $13.25
8.1 - 32 ounces $21.75
2.1 - 4 pounds $32.25
4.1 - 8 pounds $72.15
8.1 - 14 pounds $91.15
14+ pounds $144.90

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TERMS asks all international customers to agree with's International Shipping Terms during checkout. These terms are outlined below.

Shipping Services & Tracking

Please note that uses The United States Postal Service for shipping's merchandise. chose to use the USPS based on the USPS's very reasonable rates and reliable services.'s shipping estimates on your order reflect what the USPS charges to ship the package. The USPS determines the shipping cost based on the order's total weight.

For our international customers, this service can have some limitations. One limitation is the inability to track small international orders once the packages leave the United States. Therefore, is unable to assist you with tracking smaller international envelopes (order of less than $90.00) once the packages leave the United States. While this is unfortunate, the inexpensive shipping options for international orders and the USPS's reliable still make the USPS a great choice for and our international customers. This limitation does not apply to large international orders. Large international orders are trackable internationally when using a Priority Mail Box.

Regardless of the order's total, each customer will be provided with a tracking number and proof of shipment. The package will be trackable throughout the United States. International customers can confirm their order did indeed ship from's warehouse in Georgia and when the items shipped with this tracking number.

International Customer's Responsibilities

After ships the package, international customers assume all responsibility for their orders. This includes responsibility for any lost or damaged packages. Since has no control over our shipping partners, will NOT be able to offer a refund or ship a replacement order free of charge for any lost or damaged parcel. encourages you to follow up with your delivery provider to see if they will provide restitution on such orders.

International Shipping Locations

We ship to the following locations outside of the United States: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cayman Islands, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea-Republic of, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, Wales

Additional International Fees

Depending on which country you are having your order shipped to, you may be asked by that country to pay additional fees, such as customs, duties, or additional taxes. has no control on this cost; therefore, can do nothing to alleviate these additional costs imposed by a country. These costs will be your responsibility. While sympathizes with you when facing additional fees, please understand that follows ethical business practices. Orders from will reflect the exact value (not an understated one) and will not be marked as a gift to avoid these fees. thanks you for your understanding on this matter.


Please review our return and refund policies to initiate a return. Only authorized returns will be eligible for a refund.


Our return address is as follows:

Southern Fabric
1958 North Columbia Street 
Suite 6 #333
Milledgeville, GA 31061